Comments On This Photo Shoot of Mikaal Zulfiqar and Ayesha Omar Show the Double Standards of Our Society


Whether it’s an ordinary woman or a working woman such as an actress or model, the people in our society will always find a way to point fingers at her. However, if it’s a male celebrity in our industry there will absolutely be no such judgement on what he does or who he is with. It’s literally messed up!

Recently, Ayesha Omar and Mikaal Zulfiqar were spotted in a photoshoot for the spring summer collection of a clothing brand and for some reason, all of the negative comments were directed towards Ayesha Omar.

If you look at the pictures, there is actually nothing wrong with her outfits. In fact, these casual attires are something that every other girl wears.

One of the false beliefs is that getting a woman married will somehow ‘tie her down’.

So, even Bhaaghi couldn’t change their mindsets.

There’s not a single comment about Mikaal whereas Ayesha Omar was getting all the hate.

If our society can’t help but judge models for modeling in photo shoots then we need to really correct our mindsets.

These people aren’t funny anymore..


Again, why do woman have to be the center of all the criticism?

Instead of appreciating the working women of our country, we try our best to criticize and judge them. It’s  high time we throw away the gender stereotypes and focus on encouraging our stars for a better future.

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