The Commuters Release Their New Song “As I Make My Way”


Following the successful release of three songs in Pakistan from the EP Before I Was Born, New York based alt-rock quartet The Commuters have released the track they made their debut with from their first album Rescue which was released in the United States in 2011.

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As I Make My Way was the first single by The Commuters and also the song that they made their first video of; the video was featured on MTV top charts and the audio stayed on the top charts of radios stations across the Unites States.

“This song is about the vision I had all my life of becoming a professional musician and just going for it.  I’d been in and around the music industry much of my life, but had put my own musical dreams on the back burner.  One day I was deep in thought and said to myself: Someday I will die.  And when that day comes I don’t want to look back on my life and kick myself for not doing what deep down inside I’ve always wanted to do. So the song is about that moment, and going for it, and not worrying too much about outcomes — about giving it your all and just trusting that things will work out as they are supposed to.” – says Zeeshan Zaidi.

Ironically, even though As I Make My Way was the first single, in the studio, it was one of the last songs to come together.  It was lagging a bit behind the other songs and Zaidi wasn’t sure if it would even make the album. But to the groups’ surprise it turned out to be their first single and the biggest one till date.

The dynamic music video for the New York-based Alternative Rock band The Commuters’ first single As I Make My Way has been making big waves since its debut. It was added by mtvU and debuted on the channel on October 3rd 2011.  The video stayed featured in rotation for the next several weeks. The As I Make My Way video was also played on many local and regional video programs as well as in major retail stores like Sam’s Club and ShopRite, Footlocker, FYE, American Eagle and Harley Davidson stores among others.  In addition, the single also received extensive airplay at dozens of key college radio stations throughout the country.

“Every artist dreams of having a video played on the MTV family of networks, we were very grateful to the team at mtvU for giving us the amazing opportunity and making our dream come true.” Said Zeeshan Zaidi.

The music video for As I Make My Way was shot on location in Manhattan in the middle of July. The video features breathtaking shots of the city, scenic performance shots of the band, and awesome stop-motion camera work. New York-based film director Davide Mamgoulu fronted the effort.

The song has been written, composed and sung by Zeeshan Zaidi who also played the guitar, along with Uri Djemal on keyboards, Ben Zwerin on Bass and Lorne Entress on drums. Produced by Zeeshan Zaidi and Uri Djemal who also recorded and mixed the song.

If you haven’t already heard the incredible song, you can listen to it here:

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