Cornetto Pop Rock Season 1- Ali Azmat & Noori Collaborate For Song ‘Dildara’!


Cornetto Pop Rock proudly released its FIFTH Music video with the nation’s most loved rock stars. This collaborative duet of Ali Azmat & Noori is set to raise the benchmark once again. Dildara with its power house vocals will get you rocking in your seats as you can see your favorite Pop Rockers have a ball of a time.

The video is directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios while the styling was done by the fantastic Ehtisham. #CornettoPopRock is a platform of BB Events & PR and Empact Activations.

Dildara by the Rock legend Ali Azmat and the Maestros of pop rock, Noori!

Hasan Rizvi, CEO BB Events & PR says, “ This was the one I’ve been waiting for! Two rock legends coming together to not only restore but also revive music in Pakistan. The idea of #CornettoPopRock is finally coming to life. In just a span of 8 months I can see the impact this platform has made on Pakistan. Music is coming back with a bang! The team of #CornettoPopRock has worked endlessly to make this revolution and it wouldn’t have been possible with the support from the #Cornetto brand team. Its very difficult to find brands that not only believe in the changes but also work side-by-side to implement them! #CornettoPopRock has become a giant with the help of stars like Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Noori and many others. All we can promise is that it’s going to get bigger and better each year! My heart filled gratitude to the members of the Pakistani media, without their support this wouldn’t have been possible.”

The rock legend Ali Azmat, comments on this powerhouse duet by saying, “ The experience was great! This is the second song we’ve worked on for #CornettoPopRock. I particularly enjoyed writing and recording the song with Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. The talented Amaan brought a lot of creativity to the table. Hats off to the #CornettoPopRock team for putting season 1 together. Given the security threats pulling off these massive events couldn’t have been easy – this is a service to our country. Overall it was a great experience.”

Ali Noor comments on his experience on #Dildara, “We had a really good time! The fact that #Cornetto gave us the liberty to write our own songs and lyrics got us really excited about this project. #CornettoPopRock made this milestone duet possible by supporting this duet with Ali Azmat. We grew up listening to him and finally got a chance to work with him is indeed an honor. He is a brilliant song writer, he write amazing raps and amazing guitar ideas and the fact that he has come together with us to producing this song was lot of fun.
As far as music video is concerned Aaman is brilliant director he actually goes back a very long way with us because he did the photography for our first album which was ‘Suno k main hoon jawan’ and meeting up again with him after almost 15 years which was huge thing for us.”

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