Cornetto PopRock Season 1- Funky Rock Song ‘Pyar Wyar’ By QB Ft. Noori Launched!


Cornetto PopRock is a national music platform that aims to revive the pop rock culture in Pakistan. The Season 1 lineup includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, UmairJaswal, Qurram Hussain, Zoe Viccaji, Quratulain Baloch and the international sensation Ali Zafar.

Cornetto Pop Rock season 1 launched their third music video nation-wide! The funky rock song PYAR WYAR sung by Quratulain Baloch (aka QB) featuring Noori is written by QuratulainBalouch herself.


Quratulain Balouch who has been widely recognized as one of the leading female vocalists in Pakistan commented at the live concert, “I am here at the Cornetto PopRock concert and I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I finally got to perform my original tracks for the first time. So thank you Cornetto for this opportunity.”

The song ‘PYAR WYAR’ is QB’s first attempt at writing her own lyrics and composing her own melody.

Ali Noor added “after watching her write her own lyrics and be a part of the whole process, it is very clear that QB has the potential to be one of Pakistan’s finest songwriters & we need platforms & initiatives like this one brought to us by Cornetto to surface the concert culture again.”

He further  added, “What is very exciting about Cornetto PopRock is that it has actually supported our creative process to the fullest and that is something which is unique and rare. Because usually, brands just ask you make songs that they want but Cornetto gave us full creative freedom which is a big deal”

Introducing ‘Pyar Wyar’ by the vocal powerhouse QB and the kings of rock ‘n’ roll Noori for the first time together in Cornetto PopRock season 1

Talking about this new release, Amaan Ahmed, the director of the video said, “This song is all about emancipation and practicing the freedom to live and explore everything that the world has to offer. The fit of this song in all its lyrical genius is such a perfect marriage with Cornetto, as the brand too primarily focuses on youngsters daring to live and love and explore different avenues of freedom around them. I wanted this video to be hip, funky, colorful and loud, much like the poprock composition of this song and the hip and happening feel of the brand. Cornetto and Pyar Wyar together felt like the best complimenting ingredients to a delicious video direction!”

The psychedelic music video is fantastically directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncutstudios while BeenishPervaz and Munib Nawaz do the rock star yet simplistic styling and wardrobe respectively.

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