Couple Alert: Hasnain Lehri & Sabeeka Imam Have Just Revealed They are Dating!


Supermodels Hasnain Lehri and Sabeeka Imam gave the world a big shock when they officially revealed that they are dating.

Yes, you read it right!

Earlier this week, Sabeeka Imam took to her Instagram and posted the most adorable video of them together.

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The video is so cute that we just cannot stop falling in love with the couple all over again.

The model shared the video with the caption:

L O V E (Thank you to @theartnoir and especially @hassambaloch_ for making this for me)

Watch the video below:

We just cannot stop gushing over them! 

On the other hand, Hasnain Lehri also expressed his feelings and announced that how he gets butterflies when he sees his ladylove.

Hasnain Lehri commented on the video:

Even after one year together, I get butterflies every time I see you


We just cannot stop looking at their sizzling chemistry where the two can be seen holding hands and having a moment together.

Even the local celebrities started pouring their love on the video including Sadaf Kanwal, Ayeza Khan, and Alyzeh Gabol.

Have a look at their comments! 

We are sure that the couple is destined for each other and just like all those fairy tale movies with a happy ending, we hope that their love story culminates in a successful marriage.

Very Filmi Wishes both the models a happy life ahead together! 

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