Daldal Ended with All of Us Emotionally Stuck in it!


Since all good things must come to an end, the last episode of the heart wrenching drama of this season, Daldal, got aired last night and we are still emotionally stuck in it.

Directed by Siraj ul Haque, the brilliant cast of Daldal, with Armeena Khan and Zahid Ahmed in the lead, made us all emotionally attached with everything they had to face. We cried when they cried and the happy ending, finally, brought some happy tears in our eyes!

The episode started with Hira all confused about the divorce but she knows that Shaheen, being her mother, knows what is best for her, so she half-heartedly agrees to it.

Shuja is left in a state of shock after finding out that Faraz is alive. He gets furious but Faraz tries to calm him down and talk things out. He also makes arrangement for deporting Shuja back to Pakistan!

After finding out that Hira has filed for divorce, Shuja’s parents try to talk to Hira and her mother. Shaheen doesn’t want her daughter to face what she had to when her husband wasn’t around and she is pretty determined!

Left in despair, Hira goes to the court for the hearing but she is completely lost in her own thoughts. Armeena Khan is an amazing actress and the way she has played Hira is truly remarkable!

When everything seemed out of control and everyone felt helpless, including us, Daldal once again played with our emotions!

After everything he had to go through, Shuja is finally home! The feeling of getting back to your country when the whole world was against you, literally gave us chills. Zahid Ahmed was brilliant throughout this drama and gave one of the best performances to date.


Just when Hira is about to finalize her decision, our long-lost hero makes a classic entry and gets everything straight.

Finally, in this not so dreamy fairy tale, they lived happily ever after!


After the last episode, Daldal followers shared their utmost love for this amazing drama and the beautiful cast!


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