Dangal Actress Shamed For Wearing Bikini in Ramazan!


We love Fatima Sana Shaikh like Romeo loves Juliet. So when we saw what tabloids are saying about her, we were compelled to come to her defense.

The Dangal girl was photographed at the beach wearing a black swimsuit.

Fatima Sana was photographed on the beach, where she was going for a dip in the ocean. Fans went gaga over her sultry avatar as soon as the picture went viral.

However, after Priyanka and Deepika, the photograph also made her the new point of trolls.

Even though we think Sana looked awfully sexy, flaunting her figure in the black swimsuit – tabloids felt otherwise.

Many fans shamed Fatima for dressing inappropriately in the holy month of Ramadan.

Calling out Fatima on her religion and faith, one user wrote,

“Shame on you…..Muslim hony k layak nae ho tum, Fatima.”

Moreover, another declared,

“Hindu , christian & sikh all respect month of Ramazan. But u so called Muslim… Really shame on you.”

In response, a fan account replied,

“Profession and religion are totally different aspects in a person’s life. But don’t mix it up. She’s an actress and she needs to do shoots for her bright career, no God wants to come in between his child’s future…get that in ur mind. I have no grudge towards any religion, I just felt like sharing this thought and I did. For me, all Gods are equally important.”

Another fan wrote,

“I don’t see anything slutty or vulgar in this picture. I only see a girl chilling in the beach. You guys gonna have with these too? Its the 21st century have open- minded thinking. Yo!”

Nonetheless, her choice to make a comeback is still under the den.

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