Danish Taimoor’s Upcoming Drama “Haara Dil” Will Bring a Taboo Under the Spotlight!


There has been a drastic shift in Pakistani dramas that now focus more on the social issues that most people  fear to even talk about rather than telling the same kind of typical love stories.

Another upcoming drama, “Haara Dil” featuring Danish Taimoor in the lead, will focus on one of the social issues and by the first look at its trailer, the story seems really interesting.

Watch the trailer below!


Starring Danish Taimoor, Mehmood Aslam, Hiba Qadir, Shaheen Khan and Seemi Pasha among others, the story of Haara Dil will revolve a family who goes through a tough time due to a complex situation.

Danish Taimoor will play the role of Mehmood Aslam’s son in law who is married to his daughter, Hiba Qadir. A tension arises between the two families when Mehmood Aslam’s wife, Shaheen Khan, gets pregnant at an old age and the truth comes as a shock to everyone.

We all know what a big taboo it is in our society when an old couple decides to have a baby and people start judging them for their priorities. Haara Dil will focus on how this couple will face the harsh reality of our society and even their own family will go against them.

Mehmood Aslam will play the role of a strong headed man who is not afraid to face the reality and challenges the society over his decision, while breaking a stereotype!

On the other hand, Shaheen Khan faces an emotional outbreak when people around her will make her realize that she’s guilty of apparently a very big crime.

We’ll see Danish Taimoor playing a negative role who will taunt his wife about the whole situation her parents will go through and his mother, Seemi Pasha, also won’t hesitate to blame the old couple.

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The first trailer of Haara Dil was promising enough to look forward to it and it’s great to see such topics now being discussed openly that most people afraid to even talk about!

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