Deadpool Trailer: All Set to Tickle Your Funny Bones This February


Finally the long wait is ending for the comic book buffs and the much-hyped Hollywood movie Deadpool is all set to hit the cinema screens worldwide.

The movie is based upon  Marvel Comics’ contemporary superhero Deadpool, starring the heartthrob Ryan Reynolds as the as the outspoken, mischievous and witty title character.

The plot introduces Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative who gets diagnosed with cancer. But then he is  subjected to a rouge experiment that instills him with accelerated healing powers, coupled with a dark and twisted sense of humor. Now empowered with new abilities, Wilson set himself on a hunt to track down the man who ruined his life.

Watch the high on humor trailer of Deadpool here.

Directed by Tim Miller, the movie is slated for a release in U.K at February 10th and in U.S.A on February 12th.