‘Dear Maya’ Movie Review: Madiha Imam Shines in A Charming Tale


Madiha Imam’s Bollywood debut has been quite hush-hush. However, the movie has been released today across India and it is causing quite a stir!


Dear Maya follows the tale of a lonely woman who gets pranked by two teenagers, who make her believe that she has a secret long lost admirer!

Starring alongside Manisha Koirala and Shreya Chaudhry, Dear Maya has been directed by first time director Sunaina Bhatnagar.

The Plot:

Maya (Manisha Koirala) is an old lady that belongs to a Rajput family, lives in her ancestral house in Shimla in solitude with her two dogs and caged birds. Two girls in her neighborhood, Ira (Shreya Chaudhry) and Anna (Madiha Imam), pity her life, so to evoke a sense of hope in Maya they decide to prank Maya by sending her love letters as a secret long lost admirer.

The plan works, and Maya Devi – in a literal and metaphorical scene – starts opening doors and windows to let the sunshine in. Until one of the letters arrives with a return address, and Maya ups and leaves to find her mystery man.

Anna is riddled with guilt and starts looking for Maya while her friendship with Ira collapses.

Take a look at the trailer of the movie:

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

The Bad:

The motion picture has a considerable measure of genuineness at its center, however, loses energy due to calculated escape clauses. There are coherence mistakes – the main letter that Anna composes isn’t the principal letter that Maya peruses – and intelligent defects.

Why does Anna put in six years searching for Maya, without investigating that arrival address first? Why doesn’t she document a missing individual’s report?

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The Good:

In spite of the irregularities, director Sunaina Bhatnagar keeps the feeling from ebbing. She’s good at extracting the right emotion even out of contrived situations. She super-sizes symbolism (red is the color of love; getting drenched in the rain is liberating; a reclusive woman has caged birds, etc) and serves up a film that’s sporadically sweet.

Like the times when Manisha Koirala is on screen. Her talent deserves far more than a movie that is this in-your-face. Debutantes Madiha and Shreya have a good energy about them, but their stories are too plain to give them a scope to perform.

‘Dear Maya’ is Manisha Koirala’s comeback film after she battling personal turmoil. It has been 26 years since she went Ilu, Ilu in ‘Saudagar’ (1991). She has managed to sink teeth into most of the roles she has done over the years and ‘Dear Maya’ is no different.

Koirala definitely makes ‘Dear Maya’ worth a watch.

Our Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

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