Dear Zindagi Movie’s New Song ‘Love You Zindagi’ Will Give You Life Goals


Dear Zindagi revealed its first song, ‘Love You Zindagi’, on Wednesday 2nd November, amazingly and coincidently, to coincide with Shah Rukh Khan 51st birthday. SRK fans couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift!

Dear Zindagi is about finding a new perspective in life, learning how to live openly, a journey to find yourself. An unconventional thinker (Shah Rukh Khan) helps a budding cinematographer (Alia Bhatt) gain a new perspective on life. The movie is all set to release on 25th November in the USA.

Sony Music India, in collaboration with Gauri Shinde, released a new track for the movie titled ‘Love You Zindagi’. In the song, Alia Bhatt takes music lovers all over the world on a journey of life, from playing with paper boats in the muddy water to soaring high in the sky and being young, wild, and duty-free. The song is her perspective on her new journey in life, in which SRK has an important role.

He helps her find the perception she had lost long ago. The song track is composed by Amit Trivedi and is sung by Jasleen Royal. This light-hearted and warm track from the movie Dear Zindagi reminds us all to live and love life to the fullest.

Love You Zindagi Official Song

Even Alia Bhatt could not stop herself from jamming to the wonderful tune, sing along with her and send us your videos, we will share them on our page.

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