Delhi Gate Movie By Nadeem Cheema To Star Big Names


After a dismal feedback on their last movie, Geo Sar Utha Kay, Cheema productions are back with a new poster for Delhi Gate. A movie by Nadeem Cheema that promises to have a bigger and better cast.

Although the poster doesn’t reveal much, it shows the lad cast’s silhouette with powerful lines that hint towards an action-packed romantic movie.

The movie will be led by veteran actor, Shafqat Cheema’s younger brother, Nadeem Cheema, the man behind Geo Sar Utha Kay. Delhi Gate is written by Kamal Pasha and is expected to release in 2018.

Delhi Gate

Stay tuned to find out more updates on Nadeem Cheema’s next venture, Delhi Gate. Till then, here’s our review of his last movie, Geo Sar Utha Kay.

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