Delicious “Cake” Teaser Leaves Us Craving for More!


B4U Motion Pictures recently released the first teaser for the upcoming movie “Cake” and we are loving it!

Featuring Aamina Shaikh and Sanam Saeed along with Adnan Malik as the debutant, Cake is going to be released on 30th March 2018. The rest of the cast includes, Beo Ahmed, Muhammad Ahmed, Faris Khalid and Hira Hussain.


The Director of this movie, Asim Abbasi, is a London Film Academy Graduate. Talking about his first movie as a director he said in an interview:

“The film is titled Cake because on a literal level, Aamina’s character wants to be a baker. But on another level, I noticed every event in our lives is celebrated with a cake, whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries or any achievement. Further, people, as characters, have many layers to them. We maintain a facade to show the world. We are complex, just like cakes.”


Even though the teaser hasn’t revealed much of the story line, but it looks quite promising. Aamina Shaikh as Zareen and Sanam Saeed as Zara, are going to play sisters in this movie. Zara seems to have lived abroad for a while and when she comes back, a tension arises between the sisters over some issue. The teaser was so good that we felt connected to the emotions of this family when things doesn’t seem to go well for them.

Watch the video below!

Even the tag line of the movie left us all emotional, it says,

The teaser got released yesterday and people on social media look pretty excited about it. They are loving the fact that our cinema is finally producing some quality films.

This one comment on Facebook under the teaser video of Cake, seems to sum up our emotions.


Cake is set to be released next year in March and let’s hope for it to be a successful one!

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