Did Javeria Saud Lose Weight or Go Under the Knife?


Fitness and health go side by side and people, especially celebrities, put a lot of efforts in achieving their fitness goals.

There are  many examples in our industry where a celebrity has totally transformed in appearance just by losing some weight and many stars have also opted the option of surgery to achieve their desirable looks!

Javeria Saud, the famous TV actress turned morning show host, has undergone a significant transformation appearance wise and her recent pictures will leave you in amazement!

Known for her chubby cuteness, Javeria’s noticeable face cut from round shaped face has left people in confusion if she has gone for a face surgery or lost this much weight just by intense work out!

Have a look!

Javeria looks even more gorgeous now and she indeed has put a lot of hard work in achieving this goal.


Just Look At The Transformation!


Javeria Saud has given us some serious weight loss goals!

Javeria Saud recent transformation has caught everyone’s attention and people are discussing if she has lost weight via work out or did she go under the knife!

Many people think it’s because of the weight loss and are appreciating the hard work Javeria has put in to undergo such a remarkable transformation.

Some of them asked others not to manipulate the news!

And some think it’s just the wonder of the camera of her newly bought mobile!

While, this one thinks it’s all about makeup!

No matter what, we should appreciate the efforts our actress has put in to achieve such a significant transformation and to get back in shape. She has always been beautiful and even after gaining weight, Javeria totally nailed her chubby look with her never ending cuteness. Now that she is regained her fitness, we can’t  get over her amazing transformation.

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