Dino & Anoushay To Star In Upcoming Drama ‘Chinaar Ghaati’


Hello kids from the 90s, here is a major throwback for you – Dino Ali is making his television comeback with best friend Anoushay Ashraf in their upcoming drama series, ‘Chinaar Ghaati’.

While Anoushay is seen on TV quite often and Dino Ali is seem as a VJ at Ek Dum Live on HTV and as a Radio Jockey at FM91 with his signature show ‘Dost, Kya Scene Hai’.

Dino talked about his character on the show in conversation with Dawn Images:

“My character is Junaid, a very fun-loving, bubbly guy who loves to goof around. He’s a massive flirt, and he’s madly in love with Mahira (played by Anoushey). His love interest ahead in the drama is Uzma, (played by Farhat Naz), but it’s Mahira he’s in love with throughout.”

Chinaar Ghaati will be a mixture of love, comedy and mystery. – Ooooh… sounds interesting!

The drama is directed and produced by Ghazanfar Ali, who has also co-written it with Umar Khitaab; it is expected to release in early summer this year.

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