Directors’ Guild of Pakistan Responds to Ban on Our Artists in India


The core committee of Directors’ Guild of Pakistan (DGP) has condemned the statement issued by the ‘Federation of Western India Cine Employees’ (FWICE) and ‘Indian Motion Picture Producers’ (IMPPA) regarding the ban on Pakistani artists in India.

DGP has responded to the statement mentioning that the committee is aware of the fact that these actions are also being contested by a majority of Indian creative arts fraternity.

DGP reiterates its condemnation in strongest words. Though it hopes that the ban on Pakistani artists in India would be short lived, but till the time its not, following measures have been recommended.

  1. Ban on all Indian films and drama content within Pakistan in cinema halls as well as on C&S channels.
  2. Ban on all TV commercials that include artist of Indian nationality irrespective of the place where commercials are made
  3. Ban all Pakistani artists to work in any Indian film, drama, commercial or any other such activity.
  4. Visa policy to artist of Indian origin by Pakistan may be identical to the one followed by India
  5. All activities and cultural exchange of any kind or at any level must be reciprocal

Here’s the statement issued by DGP:

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