Dolly Darling on Geo TV Rips Off a Scene from YouTube Content Creators


The whole Sham Idrees vs Ducky Bhai fiasco has constantly been taking social media by storm.

Not only is the general public commenting on the scene, but other popular YouTubers have also been expressing their views over it. Raahim Pardesi, Zaid Ali T, Waqar Zaka are just some of the names.

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Two days ago, Mooroo made another video clarifying his stance.

In his video, he showed multiple Pakistani Youtubers reacting to the videos that Sham Idrees, Zaid Ali T, and Shahveer Jafry had copied from content creators relatively smaller than themselves in the past.

Well, it is no secret that content creators tend to copy content off of each other and benefit from the condemnable act.

What is shocking this time is Mooroo’s reveal of a Geo TV drama copying content from The Idiotz.

The recently-started drama is called Dolly Darling, featuring Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan in the lead roles.

Earlier this month Aijaz Aslam took to Twitter to announce that the drama was coming soon:

Here is the first episode of Dolly Darling, which contains the copied scene:

Watch the original video by The Idiotz here and let us know what you think: