Dr. Fahad Mirza Becomes the Savior For Sajid Hasan After Unfortunate Hair Transplant


Senior actor Sajid Hasan posted a shocking a video almost a week ago in which he shared about his unfortunate hair transplant, showing his damaged scalp to the to viewers, urging them to be careful while opting for a hair transplant.

Sajid Hasan Suffers an Unfortunate Hair Transplant Mishap

Undoubtedly, it’s extremely gutsy of a celebrated star like Sajid Hasan to come up on social media like this and address the matter to the public.

These days, every other person with less hair is opting for various hair transplant options available in the country and to be honest, most of them have also been successful but it was unfortunate of Sajid Hasan to come under the wrong knife!

Plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Fahad Mirza who is also a famous actor of our Pakistan’s entertainment industry has now taken the matter into his hands and has come forward as a savior for Sajid Hasan, as he is reconstructing his scalp now.

A video that has been shot by Dr. Fahad Mirza along with Sajid Hasan is circulating on social media in which they both are gearing up for the surgery at Ziauddin Medical hospital.

People have been commenting and wishing Sajid Hasan a  quick recovery.

Everyone is hoping a healthy and quick recovery for Sajid Hasan.

Probably, by this time, they are done with the reconstruction surgery! Let’s hope it went well and Sajid Hasan recovers and get back to work as soon as possible.

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