Dua Malik Gets Bullied Over Posting No-Makeup Selfie


Since the start of this week, our newsfeeds have been loaded with photos of Pakistani actresses posting their selfies without makeup to embrace their natural beauty. This amazing trend was initiated by Pakistani supermodel Nadia Hussain and is carried forward by other actresses.

Pakistani Actresses Who Rocked Their No-Makeup Looks

Recently, the former actress Dua Malik also posted her no-makeup morning selfie straight from her bed and it was absolutely flawless.

Dua Malik posted her picture with the caption: 

if here was a video challange of how i woke up you would hv seen me wakin up to the horn of garbage collector how i rush to tell my maid to give him the garbage of the house, how i wake up to the noise of kids askin for breakfast. yes we all have acne scars, dark circles, black heads, facial hair and what not. thats life! we dont sleep with photoshop. #wokeuplikethis

Have a look at her no makeup selfie! 

However, some of her Instagram followers just could not believe that Dua is not wearing any makeup and started bashing her.

Look at what people have to say about her no makeup selfie! 

We told you, people just could not digest her beauty! 

And few were certain about her lipstick! 

Well, we believe that with or without makeup, every woman is beautiful in her own way and we are nobody to judge anyone.

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