Dua Malik Rushed To Hospital Because Of This Product


Celebrities are often sent complementary items for promotional purposes and in good faith. Dua Malik received something similar but it turned out to be very shocking and dreadful for her and her family.

Dua Malik is hospitalized due to a product she consumed. Fitfibre is a brand of supplement tablets and Dua Malik was sent one as a promotional thing. Unfortunately, it had a bad reaction and the actress was hospitalized.

The news came in as her elder sister, Humaima Malick, posted the message in the following Instagram post.

I am just shocked where our society is going. I really want to tell the world what trauma our family is going through. As you all know that my sister Dua is a 22 years young healthy successful mum to two kids. This company @fitfibre offered her to try out their product. Yesterday she tried out the very first capsule on much persistence and the entire day she was in severe pain and ended up in hospital. We as a family were in a trauma. Not only we have spent so much money on making her survive but we went through so much pain that cannot be described in words I just felt a responsibility to make people aware about their product and how much damaged they can cause. God forbid if anything happened to my sister I would never let them live in peace. Thank you fit fibre we surely know this was your year end stock!! @fitfibre

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Dua also posted the same picture on Instagram and conveyed the message saying through hashtags that one should consume such things on their own risk, also to consult their doctors first.

The company hasn’t put up a statement in response to Humaima Malik as of yet.