Engagement Pictures of Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy are Going Viral!


Two of the most popular social media stars, Sham Idrees and Saher aka Froggy, got engaged in a grand ceremony and pictures from their big event are now going viral on the internet!

Though both of them live in Canada, Sham and Froggy are among the most famous Pakistani YouTubers and have a huge fan following. The two best friends have been appearing in their videos for a long time and their fans were rooting for them to get together from quite some time!

And now, when they have officially announced their engagement with their pretty pictures circulating all over the internet, their fans are simply over the moon!

Sham Idrees took to Twitter to share his engagement picture with the most adorable caption! #couplegoals

Their engagement was attended by close friends and family and it was indeed a grand event!

And they both make a gorgeous couple!

Froggy ensembled as a beautiful Pakistani bride!

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Some videos from their grand engagement ceremony are also circulating everywhere and we can’t stop drooling over their oh-so-amazing chemistry!


Fans of Sham and Froggy can’t stop congratulating the couple for their big day.

Some people still have trust issues considering the number of times these two have used their relationship status as a prank in their videos!

They think it’s just an attempt to seek attention…again!

Some Serious Trust Issues!

Some had issues with Froggy’s outfit!

Others are happy that they have finally decided to settle but are looking forward to their new vlogs as well!


And they have their own names for both of them!

Some still don’t believe that they are actually engaged!

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