Episode 14 Review: Khaani Moves On with Her Life While Mir Hadi is Still Obsessing Over Her


The 14th episode of Khaani got aired last night and like always, we can’t wait for the next one. Many things happened in this episode and we also got the glimpse of new characters, that seem to play an important role in the future.

So, the episode started with Sitara being all angry on Mir Shah for not doing anything to bring back Hadi. Mir Shah makes her understand that Hadi will stop being obsessive when he won’t succeed in finding Khaani and that’s better for them in the long run!

Hadi and Ali try everything to trace Khaani and her family. This is the first time we see Hadi feeling helpless and his expressions say it all.

On the other hand, Khaani is trying to move forward in her life. She goes for an interview and we got to see a new character, Qavi Khan, as the interviewer. Upon asking about her degree, Khaani tells how she had to quit her studies due to unfortunate circumstances.

Qavi Khan is instantly impressed with Khaani’s honesty and appoints her as his Personal Assistant. He offers her a salary of 100,000 right away. *proud moment for Khaani*

Hadi’s obsession is too strong to let Khaani go that easily. He goes to her Taya’s place and interrogates about their disappearance.

Luckily, Khaani was clever enough not to disclose her present residence to anyone. Otherwise, we know Hadi has his own ways of getting things done!

We also got to take a sneak peek into Qavi Khan’s family. Apparently, he lives with his daughter and grandson, Arham, who is a widower and has one daughter, Rahima.

Mir Shah is a true mastermind. He successfully manipulates Hadi to rejoin the party and attend meetings in every other city so he can look for Khaani as much as possible. To which Hadi agrees!

Hadi will now play an active role in the party and will use his position to search for Khaani. Sana Javed and Feroze Khan were outstanding throughout the episode and everyone wants to see them happy anyway which possible. Let’s see how it goes in the coming episodes!

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