What to Expect from the Second Episode of Ghughi


Ghughi is a pre-partition period drama, based in the late 1940s. It stars Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan in the lead roles. Directed by Iqbal Hussain, the first episode of Ghughi premiered on TV One and has made quite an impact already!

The episode started with the background story when the Sheikhs faced trouble with the Shahokaars. The dispute between the two started when the son of Shahokaars harassed “Inayat”, the Sheikh’s daughter. Inayat’s elder brother takes this matter to the head of Panchayat even when their father warns him about the outcome.

It turns, the Sheikhs get accused for defaming the Shahokaars in order to clear off their loans. The head of Panchayat sentences Inayat to stay at Shahokaar’s place for 3 days.

Inayat’s family is left hopeless and totally broken. Inayat’s brother blames himself for the dishonor and commits suicide.

His younger brother Sajjad moves to another village along with Inayat and his pregnant sister in law, where she gives birth to a baby boy. Sajjad names him Rasheed and decides to prepare him to take revenge from the Shahokaars.

Fast forward to 36 years, Rasheed is a grown-up man now and their financial conditions are now stable. Rasheed manages their land and farms along with his Uncle.

We also got the glimpse of Amar Khan as Nirmala. She is one of the Shahokaar’s daughter and will become Rasheed’s love interest in the coming episodes.

The promo for the next episode has excited us already.

Upon knowing, that the Shahokaars are back in town, Rasheed and his Uncle Sajjad are eager to take revenge for the dishonor of their family. It also looks like that Rasheed will start taking interest in Nirmala.

It will be interesting to see how Rasheed is going to approach the Shahokaars to fulfill his intentions.

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