Fahad Mustafa Heading Towards Bollywood?


The latest buzz is that Pakistan’s ‘Actor-in-Law’, Fahad Mustafa has gone to the other side. The other side being Bollywood. The rumours sparked when he was spotted with the talented director, Pradeep Sarkar.

If these rumors hold true, then with hits like ‘Parineeta’ and ‘Mardaani’ under his belt, Sarkar is quite a catch.

Could there be a film in the pipeline? Or maybe some sort of commercial?

Take a look for yourself:

They look like they might be discussing a scene that was just shot.

So has the ban on Pakistani artists been secretly lifted? For there seems to be a lot of mingling going on between Pakistani artists and those from across the border.

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Or this was just a coincidental meeting?

What do you think?

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