Famous Pakistani Model Claims To Be Harassed By Ukhano


Last week, one of the famous Pakistani YouTubers ‘Ukhano’ found himself in the eye of a social media storm and backlash for reportedly trying to rape a young girl.

A tweet surfaced on social media where a netizen tried to reveal how the YouTuber has been trying to reach her out.

Her post caught the attention of a number of other girls as well and they also came forward with their allegations of sexual violence.

Ukhano Breaks Silence Over Harassment Allegations

Soon after, the Youtuber Ukhano finally broke silence over the issue and said that he these all are just allegations. He also claimed that he has proofs against the person who is accusing him of harassment which he never revealed.

However, a famous Pakistani model Farwa Kazmi has recently stepped forward and revealed that Ukhano also harassed her.

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She took to her Instagram stories and posted:

I remember seeing you backstage with your camera trying to get content for your vlogs. I saw work hard, you seemed ambitious. Soon after you got a little famous, when we had gotten comfortable you, you started crossing the line. We still thought you were harmless and ignored your dirty jokes. We thought you were just some stupid guy who doesn’t thing before speaking.

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