Famous Pakistani Star Lashes Out At Mrs Khan Over Her Controversial Opinion

shaishta lodhi

Recently, a match maker Mrs. Khan has been making waves on social media when she said a number of controversial statements on explaining why divorces happen.

She said that the majority of divorces are taking place as women fail to control their tongues and don’t obey their husbands.

Have a look at the video below!

Her statement sparked a debate on social media and people just cannot stop bashing the match maker. The video also caught the attention of actress turned TV host Shaista Lodhi and couldn’t resist sharing her opinion on the issue.

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She uploaded a video in which she can be seen saying:

When I saw that clip of Mrs Khan, her tone was humiliating. The kind of words she used must not have been used by her and if people are calling her out, it shows the positive act of society. The mindset of people are changing, they want women to work. People are now believing that girls are very talented. Women are usually multitaskers but not men.”

She further added:

When Mrs Khan starts speaking she doesn’t stop for a bit. A lot of people tried to stop her but in live shows many things cant be controlled.

Here’s the video

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