Fans Are Furious Over this Bridal Photoshoot of Urwa & Mawra Hocane


We all know how many years of hard work it takes for an actress to reach the stage of popularity in the entertainment industry. Some of these amazing personalities are the Hocane sisters who have individually entered the entertainment industry with the magic of their talent and skills in acting. From then on they worked their way up to where they stand now.

One of the most noticeable thing about these beautiful women is that no matter what happens and even though they are their own persons, they laugh together and stay together. Not many sisters in the industry are seen as close as these two are. However, not many people realize this and are always ready for a chance to bash the sisters for even the most smallest things. Just like recently, when the pictures from their photoshoot for uploaded, many haters decided it was a good idea to bash the sisters.

Many people pointed at how they don’t agree with their fashion sense when they clearly was a certain brand’s dresses.

Honestly, there seems to be nothing wrong with these pictures other than how amazing the bridal dresses look on these two.

It’s like sass is their secret nickname!

However, just listening to these people makes one’s blood boil! Can they get any more indecent with their comments?

I think this person lost their glasses or can’t see the difference between actual beauty and a fake!

It’s called fashion and nobody’s actually required to follow it if they don’t want to!


Again, it’s your own choice if you want to follow it.

Finally someone appreciates the pictures!


Instead of being judgmental, let’s take a few minutes to appreciate an artist’s hard work rather than start bash them.

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