Fans Are In Love With Feroze Khan’s Character in Drama Serial Khaani


Today is Monday which means it is Khaani day!

Only two episodes have been on air but the new drama serial Khaani on Geo TV has won the hearts of its fans. Feroze Khan starrer Khaani has become the talk of the town with its impeccable sound track, amazing characters and brilliant performances.

Sana Javed, who has made a comeback after two years, stars opposite Feroze Khan in Khaani, and people can’t get over the chemistry they share on screen.

Today, the third episode will go on air at 8:00 PM and fans are anxiously waiting for it.

Sana Javed plays the role of, Khaani, a simple girl who might looks weak but her strong mindedness won’t let her get down in front of injustice. On the other hand, Feroze Khan plays the role of Mir Hadi, who’s an egoist, with lots and lots of money. He’s totally spoiled but, somehow, he falls in love with Khaani who is his exact opposite!

People are in love with Feroze Khan’s intense character.

They are now excited for Mondays as they want to see Feroze Khan in his ‘angry young man’ character on their screens.

Fans have been praising Feroze Khan for his acting skills and tough looks.

Mondays couldn’t have been made better than this.

For some, Mir Hadi and Khaani are couple goals.

Feroze Khan has definitely won the hearts of his fans with his Mir Hadi’s stubborn character in Khaani. If you haven’t started to watch Khaani yet then today is the day to start.

So everyone, make sure you watch Khaani today at 8:00 PM on GEO TV.