Farhan Saeed and Shreya Ghoshal Exchanging Gratitude Shows that Music Knows No Boundaries


In case you didn’t know, Shreya Ghoshal just recently got herself the Best Female Vocalist award because of her amazing singing in Thori der from the film Half girlfriend.

The song was initially written and produced by our very own Farhan Saeed. It got so popular that Mirch Music Awards couldn’t help itself from giving the singer what she deserved.

Furthermore, she looks absolutely gorgeous in her golden dress.

Farhan Saeed and Shreya Ghoshal broke records with their song and they were recently spotted exchanging pleasantries on Twitter.

The song “Thodi Der” has been winning awards across the border, latest one being Mirchi Music Awards. Music has no boundaries and this heartwarming conversation between Farhan Saeed and Shreya Ghoshal shows this.

Here’s how it went:

Radio Mirchi’s twitter account praised the singer for her latest accomplishment.

Shreya Ghoshal didn’t hesitate to give Farhan Saeed his rightful credits and thanked him.

The composer in return congratulated the singer for winning the award and this just shows that whether we belong to India, Pakistan or any other foreign country, music knows no boundaries.

The song’s full version was released last year and has still continued to baffle and amaze the people who hear it.

Upon asking Farhan says, “Shreya is an absolute bliss to work with. She puts her soul in every song she sings, it’s great to pair up with her on one of my compositions.”

“I think any form of art can blur boundaries, it’s just that we have to keep it separate from all that goes down between governments. Art is the best form of people-to-people contact.”

You can listen to the song here:

With Shreya’s sweet voice and Farhan’s amazing composing, who knows what amazing collaboration is coming up next. Tune is to find out more and hear more news about the two artists!

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