Faryal Makhdoom – New Face for Pepe Jeans Pakistan


The Faryal Makhdoom collection is exclusively designed by the two-time world boxing champion Amir Khan’s wife Faryal for ‘Break your jeans’ in collaboration with Pepe Jeans Pakistan.

American-born Pakistani socialite and style icon Faryal Makhdoom has been in the spotlight ever since she’s been associated to the Olympic Medalist & 2 times World Boxing Champion Amir Khan. She made headlines when she married him and has been doing so ever since.

Faryal has had a strong social media presence, through which she managed to gain followers and launch herself as a celebrity wife with a talent to look flawless. She almost has the same status in Pakistan as the Kardashians have all over the globe. Faryal has now developed her own huge fan following and is named as an aspiring beauty, fashion, and lifestyle icon.

She is currently based in Lancashire and New York, while also managing short trips to Pakistan every once in a while. She very recently  announced herself as the new face for Pepe Jeans Pakistan through a video posted on her social media.


Pepe Jeans is an international brand from London that has taken Pakistan by storm ever since it launched in the country. Celebrity faces such as Ayesha Omar, Sikander Rizvi and Mahira Khan have been part of the campaign earlier, and looks like its Faryals turn to promote the brand now!

Why give a girl diamonds when you can give her the right pair of jeans to make heads turn and make a statement? 

Faryal Makhdoom is one fashion diva who can easily transition from a street-savvy day look to a magical evening one without much effort. It would be interesting to see what she comes up with her ‘FM collection’ which is exclusively designed by her for the ‘Break your jeans’ collaboration with Pepe Jeans Pakistan.

Are you ready to BreakYourJeans with PepeJeansPakistan and Faryal Makhdoom?

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