Faryal Makhdoom’s Baby Bump has Sparked a Social Media Debate


Faryal Makhood has an avid fan following on social media. Whether she’s a having a fight with hubby Amir Khan or attending an event, she makes sure to update her followers.

#SPOTY 2017

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Faryal and Amir, after going through the entire splitting-up drama that the entire world witnessed, are now together after reconciliation and are expecting another baby.
Preggo with baby number two, Faryal has made her baby bump already popular on social media by posting its photos.

Bedroom selfie of course ? #beenawhile

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This time, she took to Instagram to express that her bump has grown bigger, but it actually got people a bit concerned for some reason!

Here’s her post:


Big Mama ??#preggoproblems

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Here’s how people reacted:

As if vitamins will make you gain weight, duh! When will people get rid of the myth though?

Then there’s this person who couldn’t come up with more words to describe the big momma!

And because Faryal wrote #preggoproblems in the hashtag, people thought of schooling her a little.

There were others who still can’t believe that she’s pregnant!

And this one couldn’t agree with Faryal’s statement at all.

Well, we hope people will soon understand that pregnancy is different for everyone. Women with the biggest of bumps might have complications and those with tiny ones can have a non-problematic pregnancy. It has nothing to so with the huge piles of fat you put on under your skin. One just needs to consult with their doctor and get regular check ups done. If their weight appears normal to the doctor, they shouldn’t really bother about how it seems to somebody else.

There were other people who praised Faryal for nailing her pregnancy look.

There’s no doubt about the fact that Faryal looks stunning and nailing her pregnancy look. Let’s hope her pregnancy goes smooth!

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