Fatema Sohail Reveals The Details About Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Affair With Nazish Jahangir

nazish jahangir mohsin abbas haider

On Sunday, Mohsin Abbas Haider held a press conference and rubbished all the allegations of domestic violence stated by his wife Fatema Sohail.

He said that his wife had bruises because she fell down the stairs and he never raised his hand on her.

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His claims startled the whole country and now it seems like this controversy is not going to slow down any time soon.

Last night, Fatema Sohail also held a media conference in which she has claimed that he was “lying” and “trying to mislead” people.

Fatema Sohail stated:

He’s lying, he’s telling people … trying to mislead them … that the bruises on my body were because I fell from the stairs.

She further said:

At that time, I had no mind to make these things about Mohsin public. I tried very hard to make it work to save my home. I had thought at that time that things would improve after the birth of our child.

She further revealed the reason behind going to his home and said:

He had put my number on blocked and was not responding. I wished to give the child what he deserves, give him father’s love, that’s what I went there to say.

While talking about his affair with Nazish Jahangir, she added:

That woman has sometimes acknowledged that she was having an affair with him and that she was not gonna leave him but I do admit my mistake that when my own husband was in the wrong, I shouldn’t have gone to her.

When asked if she had the password of his Facebook account, he replied:

If a man is having an affair with another woman, why would he give his wife his password?

Watch her full press conference below!  

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