Fawad Khan ‘Bold’-ly Demands 3 Times More From Life in New Bold TVC !


Fawad Khan can simply do no wrong! Whether we see him at society events or at his wife’s side at an exhibition, we cannot stop loving the actor.

This time, Fawad has promoted Bold body spray with a spanking new commercial which is just making us drool!

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The ad starts off with Fawad spritzing himself with some Bold body spray.


Doesn’t he look just yummy!


Looks like the spray had a ‘bold’ effect on the actor!


Fawad demands 3 times more from life! 3 times more holidays, 3 times wider roads, 3 times more hospitals and more!


All we really need is Fawad Khan and his crinkle-eyed smile!


Fawad strikes a ‘Superman’ inspired pose for the Bold print ad

fawad khan bold ad

Take a look at the full video below:


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