Fawad Khan Vs Oochi In Latest Oye Hoye TVC


“Fawad Khan sey ziyada scene tu Oochi ki mooch ka hai! “Don’t believe us? Watch the latest Oye  Hoye TVC to know what happens when Fawad meets Oochi is a lift and gets seriously shh-ed!

The number one reason why the latest TVC by Oye Hoye is so attention grabbing is no secret! You attach Fawad khan to any project and it automatically becomes a super duper bumper HIT. And in this case,there’s a double-dose of Fawad which automatically makes it double attractive!

Fawad Khan is the brand ambassador for United Snacks Oye Hoye chips and  he is seen playing himself and a moochi-Oochi who is annoyed by his star power and media frenzy everywhere.


The commercial is hilarious  and Fawad Khan manages to play Oochi’s character to perfection. Would any other actor be able to pull it off this well? We think not!

Oochi is running  late to work and guess who he bumps into? Yep, Fawad khan! To find out what happens next, watch the commercial here:

Fawad keeps trying to talk to Oochi, but Oochi is too cool and busy for Fawad Khan. That’s probably a new thing for the actor and isn’t something normal, is it? The lift door opens and Oochi figures that Fawad was only trying to warn him and save him from the embarrassment of walking to work without his PANTS!   What an Oye Hoye and hilarious moment!

The khoobsurat khan  is the real deal as he proves to be one of the finest actors that our industry has to offer. What do you think about the advert?

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