Fawad Khan’s Lookalike Found Online!


The ever popular game ‘Temple Run’ astonished the gaming freaks. But why? Because their newest character looks exactly like the Pakistani dreamboat Fawad Khan!

The company recently launched images of their new character on social media, which is a boy whose facial features exactly like Fawad’s. Apparently, not just a few people but everyone was shocked looking at it, flooding Twitter with their posts.

This is what Fawad looks like:

And this is what the game’s character looks like. See the resemblance?

Many celebrities have been chosen as playable characters in this game over the years. Usain Bolt, Bruce Lee and many other famous sports players. It seems like Fawad is the new addition to the list.

The game is called Temple Run 2: The Lost Jungle. Surprisingly, he has a tattoo of Lord Ganesha on his arm who is worshiped as the eradicator of a hindrance.

Neither Fawad nor Imangi studios have confirmed this news. Despite that, his fans are super excited about their favorite actor being a part of it. Let’s see if the game’s site crashes due to the numerous number of downloads or not!

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