Fawad Khan’s Lookalike Sings ‘Afreen Afreen’ & FawadFanatics Go Crazy!


Looks like it’s raining Fawad Khan on the social media front these days. Why? Fawad Khan’s double was spotted in a viral video where two Turkish guys were seen crooning to the famous ‘Afreen Afreen’.

So presenting Hakan Eser:

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So what do you think? Doesn’t he resemble Fawad? The bonus is that like him he sings too.

Here is a little spot the difference for our readers.


He might not be a mirror image, but looks-wise he is a close second. He could definitely pass off as a brother. Don’t you think?

Apart from the grabbing eyes, let’s see what’s in store for this doppelganger. Will India pluck him first and use him as Fawad’s replacement or will he get a modeling gig like the Chaiwallah? All we care about is if he is single!

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