Fawad & Sadaf Khan Open Up About Work & Family Life


Recently, Fawad Khan graces the cover of Masala magazine alongside his beautiful wife, Sadaf.

The couple opened up about their personal lives and broke the internet.

The black and white images of the couple captured by Abdullah Haris showcased perfect chemistry between the two. While Fawad rarely shies away from professing his love, this time Sadaf opened about what it’s like being a star’s wife.

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Here’s what she said in an interview with Masala Magazine.

“I don’t believe in the term ‘star wife’. I am an educated person who has a mind of her own. Sometimes I do feel it’s overwhelming being associated to Fawad because people generally tend to discredit your potential saying, ‘Oh you can do anything because of him.’ You can do a one-time venture that way but unless you have the talent backing it, you can’t make a success of it.”

Sadaf reminisced over how hard it was for her to step in the fashion industry. She launched her brand in 2012 and with publicity help from her husband. But Fawad, without any hesitation gives all the credit to his wife.

“I think you need to be the way you are without bothering about what people think is fashionable or not.”

Have a look at the mesmerizing photos below!

fawad khan sadaf khan photo shoot 1

fawad khan sadaf khan photo shoot

fawad khan sadaf khan photo shoot

Fawad Khan and Sadaf Kanwal

The couple also talked about parenting challenges. Fawad and Sadaf recently became parents to a baby girl Elayna.

“It’s the most amazing and emotional feeling,” says Fawad.


“Since this was the second time after Ayaan (his elder son), I was more prepared.”