Faysal Qureshi Has a Major Crush on These 3 Pakistani Starlets!


Everyone has a celebrity crush, even superstars themselves! Like we all go gaga over our favorite icons, similarly, there are stars who drool over other fellow celebrities, but hardly ever confess their feelings to anyone.

Recently, Faysal Quraishi dropped a bomb in one of his interviews where he confessed his love for some of his fellow actresses. Following are the ladies the actor has a big crush on!

1) Mahira Khan


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Faysal Quraishi is a great actor! And who made this handsome man swoon? Mahira Khan! The crush of 50% of the public, Mahira Khan has wooed the hero with her charm too.

2) Iman Ali


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Seems like Faysal had been eying this sultry model for quite some time. The “Khuda Kay Liye” lead actress has been a sweetheart to many a people, and how lucky of her! The veteran actor is one of them as well.

3) Uzma Gillani

When when I saw you I feel so happy baby you're the best thing from God #uzmagilani #meeting #mawrahocane @mawrellous

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This eternal beauty was not only the crush of the young boys of her own era but is still a celebrity crush of Faysal Quraishi.  No doubt, the super haseen Uzma Gillani has looks that could kill!

Watch the video of Faysal Quraishi confessing his crushes on TV here!

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