Feroze Khan Spills The Beans On His Married Life & More

feroze khan in india

The handsome Khaani star Feroze Khan went live on Twitter yesterday with hashtag #askferoze. Fans asked him questions and the starlet patiently answered most of the questions asked by his fans and followers.

During the Q & A session, his lovers went all out with their questions from his favourite Indian actor to his married life and many more. Interestingly, Feroze Khan kept his answers candid winning even more love from her fans.

Feroze Khan tweeted,

“Hey there lovers, you can all #askferoze and send in your questions will try and reply as many I can today x good day !”

Here are the questions his fans and followers asked him!

The grand wedding of Feroze Khan was the most talked about wedding of this year. Most of his fans were curious to know how married life is treating him.

And here is Feroze Khan’s fanboy moment! 

He is a Ronaldo’s fan! 

His favorite playlist and movie! 

He was also asked about Sanju’s trailer as well!

Here are the questions of Khaani’s fans! 

The biggest strength of his life! 

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