Feroze Khan’s Mother-in-law Got Trolled On The Internet!


After the wife of Feroze Khan, Syeda Aliza Fatima, got bashed for multiple times on social media, his mother-in-law got trolled by the people of the internet as well.

A picture of Aliza with her mother was revealed yesterday and there was a striking resemblance between them. The picture was of her Mehndi event and both of them were looking exactly the same.

Look at the picture of this perfect mother and daughter duo! 

The Mother In Law is as cute as her daughter and yes, they do look exactly the same. For a second, even we though that she was ALIZA!

Look at what people have to say about the picture

Aliza was even called older than her mother! 

The mother looks arguably young though! 

Some even called them twin sisters! 

As mama looks so young, it was hard to believe for some people that she is her mother! 

And some even criticized her for not wearing dupatta! Really? 

Yes, she is as cute as her daughter! 

She was even called the older version of Aliza Fatima

No matter what the people have to say, we believe that they both look super cute together.

Can you see any resemblance between them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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