Feroze Khan’s Transformation Over the Years!


Do you ever have one of those cringe-worthy moments on Facebook when you see your old pictures and realize how different you used to look?

Well, there is a huge list of celebrities who have got everyone drooling over their looks but the interesting thing is, they weren’t as groomed as they are now and their old pictures will definitely shock you!

This time we have got our hands on some old pictures of this season’s biggest heartthrob, Feroze Khan!


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Feroze has not only taken his career to new heights after Khaani but has also got many fans that simply can’t get enough of his impeccable looks. Also, he recently got married in one of the most viral celebrity weddings, leaving many girls in tears!

From the start of his career, we have seen Feroze playing different roles and the amount of love Feroze gets from his fans speaks volume about his hard-earned popularity!

 Have a Look at Feroze Khan’s Transformation Over the Years!

Feroze Khan in his teenage years!

This transformation will sure leave you awe-struck and the amount of hard work our dapper boy has put in is worth all the appreciation!

Feroze in “Chup Raho”, his debut drama that earned him recognition in our entertainment industry!

This one is probably from one of his earliest photo shoots!

The Long Hair Look!

Feroze with his elder sister Humaima!

The Beard Look!

Another one! How different he used to look!

When Feroze starred in “Gul-e-Rana” and left many girls drooling over him!

After Gul e Rana, Feroze got tremendous fame and there’s no going back since then. He has put a lot of efforts in attaining his reputation and grooming himself which makes him one of our favourites!

Now, he’s that star guys turn to when it comes to fashion!

*Tough Looks*

And the perfect smile!

Feroze Khan’s transformation from just another guy to the heartthrob of our industry is absolutely mind blowing and he deserves this spot for all the hard work he has put in!

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