Feroze Khan’s Wife Trolled Yet Again And Here Is Why


The wife of heartthrob Feroze Khan was trolled last month ahead of their wedding and she is being trolled again … but for a different reason.

The Khaani star hosted a show recently and was spotted with his newly-wed wife Syeda Aliza Fatima. She was seen wearing a cute short top with ripped jeans and was looking flawless.


However, some people just could not accept the fact that she appeared in the event without a dupatta and was wearing a western outfit!


Look what people have to say about her

A few people are convinced that Feroze Khan should have married Sajal Ali

Some comments were just unbearable  

Some even called them an unmatched couple

This isn’t new for the couple who had to endure trolling during their wedding celebrations. While many people have their own parameters of beauty, we believe that every woman is beautiful in her own way and we are nobody to belittle anyone.

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