Fia Khan Gets Hitched!


It seems like the wedding season has kicked in and our celebrities are taking it pretty seriously this time. Right after the much discussed engagement of Armeena Khan there is another wedding that we should be looking out for.

Pakistani model turned actress Sofia Khan, better known as Fia Khan, is also getting hitched! The star recently shared the good news with her fans via Instagram. Posting gorgeous pictures of her engagement Fia opened up about her happiness in one of the most heartwarming captions.

I used to laugh when few friends of mine use to say " Sometimes In life, You have to kiss a few frogs ? to find your prince ? " now, I truly believe it! As I never thought I could ever fall in love, trust or believe in a relationship again … but as they say the best relationships are the ones you never saw coming … I wanna thank you @tolga_erken26 for being my reason to look forward to the next day because when I'm with you , I feel safe from the things that hurt me inside ! Thanks for laughing , crying & playing with me like a kid sometimes .. Thanks for understanding me, excepting me with my baggages & not asking me to change .. Thanks for making me believe that it doesn't really matter what the world says ! You don't have to but thanks for even saying that you promise to erase all my bad memories of my past and give me the brightest future ! Last but not least Thank you God ?? for bringing us together at the most unexpected time of our life's … I'm so proud to call you my Fiancé ?

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Fia further revealed details of her fiance who turns out to a Turkish man named Tolga Erken, a financial advisor settled in Berlin, Germany.

Wishing the couple happiness and good luck!

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