Fifty Shades Darker Song ‘Bom Bidi Bom’ by Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj


Fifty Shades Darker has been released all over the US and our playlists are heating up with the latest track from the steamy series. Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj have collaborated for this risque track called ‘Bom Bidi Bom’. The song is, without a doubt, the most explicit one from the movie yet.

Take a look at Nicki’s rap, if you don’t believe us:

“He said, if he can’t hit my bullseye, he’d rather die/He put it on me better than any other guy,” she raps. “[…] Uh, assume the position when you see a bad one/The D so good, he just got a And 1/I’m about to blow, and I ain’t talking Samsung/I’m about to show him what I do with that tongue.”

Nick also brags about his ‘skills’:

“You played the front, I played it back, You be the first, I be the last, I call it good love, Every kiss and every touch.”

Without further ado, listen to the song below:

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