Film Star Noor Throws Husband Wali Out Of Hotel!


Film star Noor’s divorce from singer Wali Hamid took an ugly turn last night. The actress was attending an event about her new venture ‘Guzray Pal’ at a local hotel in Lahore, when Hamid arrived at the venue, sans invitation.

Wali sat down beside Noor and the actress was furious!

Noor has recently filed for divorce from her husband, whereas he has repeatedly told the media that he will not divorce Noor.

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The actress was heard saying to her husband,

“Why did you come to the event? You and I have no relation now.”

The hotel management tried to intervene and resolve the dispute between the two.

But Noor Bukhari had her husband kicked out from the hotel!

Speaking to media personnel outside, Wali said that it was a personal issue hence he would not talk to the media about it.

“It is a personal issue and I have never talked about my personal problems with the media,” he said.

“She (Noor) is still my wife,” he added.

Meanwhile, Noor Bukhari also said that it was a personal issue and said that she would tender her reply in court.

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Watch the video below:


After Wali left the venue, Noor took to the stage to talk about her music video. The actress became rather emotional and explained that she just wanted a normal life.


The love affair between Noor and Wali came into limelight on the set of film “Ishq Positive”, which was released in July 2016. The couple had been seen together at several events, prior to this.

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