Film Star Noor’s Breakup Dance Video Goes Viral


It hasn’t been very long since the start of 2017, and scandalous celebrity breakups have already made the headlines. Noor Bukhari’s plead for divorce from her husband being one of those.

Recently, Noor Bukhari’s break up song dance video went viral on the Internet. Noor was grooving to the tune to warm up just before her shoot.

Many people criticized the actress for celebrating her breakup.

Here’s the video that broke the internet a day ago:


Noor & Wali Hamid Divorce:

The divorce announcement came just three years after Noor’s marriage to Wali.

Last year a report had been filed against Wali. The report was filed by Noor’s mother claiming that she was being tortured by her husband.

The two fell in love while they were both shooting for the film Ishq Positive.

However, the relationship couldn’t last very long.

“Despite my best efforts, I cannot continue with this marriage. Nonetheless, I will state that Wali is a good man and perhaps it’s our bad luck that we cannot live our lives together anymore, I don’t know what will happen in the future but I have decided to take a divorce now. At this tense time, I request that no one disturbs me.” said Noor.

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