Filmmaker Jami Reveals He Was Sexually Assaulted By A Powerful Person In Media


Famous Pakistani filmmaker Jami left his fans and followers numb when he revealed that he had been raped by a big name of the Pakistani media industry.

He said that he has been a very strong supporter of the movement against sexual harassment because he had been a victim as well.

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The filmmaker posted a series of tweets in which she opened up about the trauma which broke the hearts of his followers.

He tweeted:

Why im so strongly supporting #metoo ? cuz i know exactly how it happens now, inside a room then outside courts inside courts and how a survivor hides confides cuz i was brutally raped by a very powerful person in our media world. A Giant actually. and yes im taller than him but

He further elaborated and wrote:

I froze not sure why yesss it really happens and happened to me. Till this day 13 years ve passed i curse myself why i didnt take his eyes out but i was so close to this guy a friend, doing his mega shoots for his mega high end books and museum launches etc may be thats why my

He also added:

we all desi do. Im writing this now cuz #metoo is under attack and im ready to partially vomit out my own experience. Its all true what the victims says and how they say or hide. Its all an exact same pattern a victim goes thru like clock work as if DNA has a SOS gene to shut up

He concluded by saying:

i know its a suicide what im writing right now but this is important before they harm the movement. I know now they all will attack me also, oh BC why u stayed quiet till now? Oh maan ka L…tuu mard hai ya kunjri? rape kur deita na usska pulut kur etc all attacks but its time.

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