Find Out Which Pakistani Actor Is Your Soulmate According To Your Birth Month


Pakistan’s entertainment industry is full of talented people who are not just famous for their acting skills but they are also known world-wide for their good looks. We often see our actors making it to various international lists for their personalities and sex appeal and we can’t be more proud of them.

So for you to have some fun, here we have attributed your favorite celebs to each birth month. Let’s see which one will you get!

January – Sheheryar Munawwar

Those eyes tho!

February – Ali Zafar

He’s not famous in our neighboring country for nothing. Just look at him.

March – Hamza Ali Abbasi

Talk about giving tough looks!

April – Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mikaal’s smile is to die for!

May – Osman Khalid Butt

Who wouldn’t want someone as cute as OKB?

June – Fawad Khan

Do I even need to write something over here?

July – Humayun Saeed

Everyone’s favorite… since ever!

August – Ahsan Khan

Tall, colored eyes, handsome… what else can you ask for?

September – Fahad Mustafa

*Wins everyone’s heart by giving a motor bike.”

October – Imran Abbas

He’s so good looking, you might end up getting jealous of his looks!


November – Feroze Khan

Black never looked better on anyone more than him.

December – Shan Shahid

The handsomest man in Pakistan without any doubt!

So, were you able to get your favorite one? Share the article with your friends and their friends to see who gets to have their favorite celeb as their soulmate.

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