Finding Our Atomic Blonde                                                                                                        


Last month, the Atomic Blonde exploded onto the cinema screens and enthralled the audience around the world with its well-choreographed action sequences and fight scenes that required Charlize Theron to be on top of her game. The veteran actress not only exceeded the director’s expectations but also continued the change in her career where she takes on characters that require more physical scenes than dialogues. Just imagine, if Atomic Blonde is adapted in Pakistan … who will play the title role? Let us ponder on the options!

Mehwish Hayat

She was the leading lady of Pakistan’s most successful flick Jawani Phir Nahi Ani in 2014; she was the main lead of last year’s blockbuster Actor in Law and for the third time in as many years, her film Punjab Nahi Jaungi is doing great at the box office. She has all the makings of an international star, does yoga (as shown in one of the scenes in PNJ) and if taught well, can fight off assailants rather than being the damsel in distress.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has been around for a decade and has taken many roles but it’s about time she goes next level. She has shown that she can act and dance but what about fight – we will have to see how she handles that. With little training, she can do a lot more than cry on screen and make others cry and let her fist (and kicks) do the talking.

Armeena Rana Khan

She might not be as tall as her contemporaries might be, but Armeena Rana Khan has reached new heights – where no Pakistani actress has gone before. The British-Canadian Pakistani actress is playing an Artificial Intelligence Robot in The Achilles Protocol and a secret agent in The Real Target, under production international films. Therefore, it’s natural she is chosen to play the Atomic Blonde in Pakistan where she can bring to use her excessive training she went through for the British flick.

Kubra Khan

She doesn’t look like a Pakistani because of her upbringing and appearance yet she is doing well on TV and soon in films. One look at her ‘staged fight’ video with Hamza Ali Abbasi and you get your Atomic Blonde from Pakistan. Add to her British accent and voila, you have a secret agent sent to Pakistan by MI6!

Ayeza Khan

Before she went on a break after her marriage, Ayeza Khan could do no wrong. She was part of most successful TV dramas and was loved by all. Since her return, she has shown that like her husband Danish Taimoor, she is a fitness freak and may be that will help her acquire a role as the lady who can act, fight and come out as a winner!

Humaima Malick

After conquering Pakistan with a powerful performance in Bol and mesmerizing audience with her beauty in India, Humaima Malick is all set to make a comeback in films with Arth in Pakistan and Sher in India. She could easily take tips from her co-star in Sher – one Sanjay Dutt – and use it to her advantage to bag the role of a badass who can do whatever she wants, just like her character in Dekh Magar Pyaar Se.

Mawra Hocane

Mawra has all the ingredients to become an international star and not just limit herself to Pakistan and India. Yes, she is famous for playing the bechari on screen but given a good director, a makeover and a script where she is asked to flex her muscles, Mawra might just do the trick.

Hareem Farooq

She has done films, excelled on TV and appears to be open to challenging roles – what could be more challenging than challenging yourself with a role that you know you can do. Hareem has lost weight since her debut and a few more hours in the gym could transform her into one of the options for the role of Pakistan’s Atomic Blonde.

Ushna Shah

We all loved her in Bashar Momin and even in the short fight sequence in her film debut Teri Meri Love Story where she fought off assailants with a stick in her hand. Now that she has danced her way into the hearts of the audience with her dance number in Punjab Nahi Jaungi, let us consider her for something bigger, something more substantial – may be something like Atomic Blonde.

Iman Ali

When Khuda Kay Liye was released a decade back, Iman Ali surprised all with her flawless performance, including the British accent. She may not have done an action flick in her career but there is always the first time for everything. Give her guns, give her villains and who knows she might be able to channel all her anger into the Atomic Blonde!

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