Fitoor Review: Katrina Kaif & Aditya Roy Kapur Lacked Intense Chemistry


What happens when Charles Dickens’s most remarkable novel Great Expectations meets the world of Bollywood? Apparently a total disaster!

The tragic literary tale of Estella, Pip and Miss Havisham has fascinated generations with its moving storyline. Fitoor that boasted a cast of Katrina Kaif, Tabu and Aditya Roy Kapur has failed to even come close to the work of the legend, merely being an over-dramatized vintage piece of entertainment.

So what made Abhishek Kapoor’s directorial endeavor, that switched the 19-century saga set in England to the Valleys of Kashmir , such a terrible mistake?

The flaws are endless, making the movie fall badly on its knees. The story gets immensely boring with the narrative getting slow in the middle and taking time to reach climax.  The script lacks the interest that Dicken’s masterpiece encompasses in itself. Turns out, that Katrina Kaif as Firdaus was totally inept to play the role of the snooty Etsella. Yes, she was drop dead gorgeous as always and looks uber glam in every single shot.  But she had zero grip on her role and was unable to breathe life into the character of the haughty heroine.

Plus, there was no chemistry between Kaif and Kapur except some sparkle in the serene song Pashmina. At times, Katrina’s dialogue delivery during intense romantic moments sounded phony that we could not see any love equation brimming between the pair.

Meanwhile, Tabu’s gave a stellar performance as Lady Havisham and was easily the real star of the whole show. Similar could be said about Aditya Roy Kapur who did a fine job in presenting the real essence of his character as Pip.

But it is the beauty of Kashmir that will wow you! The snowy capped mountains will mesmerize you, providing an extreme dose of visual enhancement.

While we rate it 3 out of 5 on the Very Filmi meter, let’s see what the Indian critics have to say about Fitoor.